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Negotiation of the purchase price for an Investment Property requires knowing all the pertinent facts necessary, including the details provided with an extensive property inspection.Phoenix Home Inspection Report

  • Spotlight Home Inspection will deliver an inspection report that far exceeds the Arizona Home Inspection Standards for the same price that franchised home inspection companies provide for their typical abbreviated reports.  Franchised home inspectors are often doing three inspections per day per inspector.  Spotlight Home Inspection books only one investment property inspection per day per inspector, which allows the time to provide a more thorough inspection and detailed report. Our inspection report will give you a much clearer picture of the property's health.           
  • Ask about your Home Inspector's background, experience, and education.  Do you feel that he has the expertise necessary to provide you with the most thorough negotiating tool for your investment purchase?

About Britt Dollmeyer, Owner/Arizona Certified Home Inspector

My extensive background in Arizona Home Construction and experience as a Licensed SubContractor, Licensed General Contractor, Construction Superintendent, and Project Manager, give me an in-depth knowledge of the home building process, what can go wrong, and why.  This experience will benefit you when it comes to receiving a thorough, high-quality Phoenix Real Estate Investment home inspection.  My Home Construction experience makes all the difference!

  • Associates degree in Architectural Technology. 
  • Associates Degree in Building Safety Technology which includes courses in all building codes.
  • Certified Construction Superintendent with the Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona.
    Home Inspector with Home Building Experience for your quality Home Inspection

Several decades of Construction experience in Phoenix, the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan areas, and throughout Arizona as a:

  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Licensed Sub-Contractor
  • Construction Superintendent for a large scale Homebuilder
  • Construction Superintendent for Custom Homebuilders
  • Construction Project Manager for Custom Homebuilders

Business & Licensing Information (E&O Insurance active & required for AZ licensure)

Arizona Corporation Commission: Spotlight Home Inspection, LLC file #L-171-7448-0

Arizona Board of Technical Registrants: Spotlight Home Inspection, LLC firm registration #17361, Britt Dollmeyer Home Inspector registration #53347

My quality Phoenix Real Estate Investors home inspection will cover:

  • Common Areas - Evaluation of laundry facilities and other common areas for multiple living investment properties.
  • Site - A check of the site grading & drainage, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, patios, decks, porches, fending, and gates.
  • Exterior - A thorough evaluation of the exterior walls, doors, trim, chimney, and windows.
  • Structure - A check of the condition and type of the Foundation, bearing walls, columns, floor, ceiling, and roof structures.  Also, basements and crawl spaces (if applicable).Phoenix Home Inspection, Certified Arizona Home Inspector
  • Attic/Roof - Review of access provisions, insulation, ventilation, framing, roof surface, flashing, penetrations, drainage, overhangs, gutters and downspouts.
  • Garage - Evaluation of the overhead vehicle door, automatic opener, and fire separation.
  • Plumbing - A review of the main piping, distribution piping, waste and vent piping, fuel system, lawn sprinklers, water heater, and laundry connection.
  • Heating/Cooling - A check of the type, condition, distribution/duct system, filters, and thermostat.
  • Electrical - Evaluation of the service entrance, system capacity, panels, circuitry, wiring, outlets, and switches.
  • Interior - Review of doors, windows, flooring, walls and ceilings, fireplace, closets, and stairs.
  • Kitchen - Looking at cabinets and counters, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher, range, over, and built-in appliances.
  • Bathrooms - A check of cabinets and counters, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, and ventilation.
  • Additional Available Inspections:  Pool/Spa - Shell, deck, filter, pumps, piping, blower, electrical, heater, and safety aspects.

Click the following links for Photos of my New Home Construction workCarefree New Home Construction, Scottsdale New Home Construction, Phoenix New Basement Home Construction, Sedona New Home Construction  www.HBACA.org

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Excerpt from an online article written by S. Vornholt (A real estate investor for over 10 years who owned and operated a successful home inspection company for 17 years):

A good thing about an inspection is that it will shed some light on the scope of the work that needs to be done on the property. You can get a good idea of the amount of money needed to get the house in good working order from the inspection. Having all of the facts can mean the difference in purchasing a property that will turn a decent profit or walking away from one that is sure to end up a failure. You need to always remember that this is a business......The bottom line is really the only thing that matters to a savvy investor.

More importantly....a home inspection can alert you to any potentially hazardous or unsafe conditions in the home that untrained professionals may miss as they walk through the house. Among these....subtle but very serious structural problems that could set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Whether you realize it or not, a professional home inspector can end up saving you thousands of dollars and even prevent you from having to go through costly litigation involving hazardous situations that may (be) discovered at a later date.

Your can view the full article at:  http://EzineArticles.com/4265837