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Electrical Problems found during our Phoenix Home Inspection Service


Phoenix Home Inspector    Phoenix Home Inspector

We Inspect Electric Panels & Wiring Conditions:  Panel labeled correctly (left) and incompletely (right).

Electrical Inspection Problem Exposed Live Wire

Possibility of electrical shock due to an exposed live wire in the electric panel.

Phoenix Home Inspector   Phoenix Home Inspector

Potential Electrical Hazards:  Double-tapped circuit breaker in electric panel (photo on left, middle screw) and dangerous electric receptacle in irrigation valve box (right).

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The Importance of a Thorough Attic Inspection:  Open J-Box in Attic

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Dangerous Exposed Electrical Wiring Hazards:  Cabinet above kitchen range (left), ceiling receptacle (middle), J-box on roof (right).

Phoenix Home Inspection

Dangerous Electrical Wiring found during roof inspection: This is a worn & cracked splice at the service mast, which can lead to a potentially dangerous outcome.

Miscellaneous Electrical Inspection Concerns found during Home Inspections:

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Water Heater time loose                 Exposed wiring at water heater timer