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The Importance of a THOROUGH Roofing & Attic Inspection by your Home Inspector

Numerous potential roofing leak problems that cannot be viewed from the ground.

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Roof Leak Cause, Phoenix Roof InspectionAlso called roof vent jacks, roofing jacks are used over plumbing vent stacks to keep water from getting under your roofing material and into the home. They should be checked during your home inspection for leaks and cracks and chew marks from pests. Mastic sealant is used around the roof jacks and plumbing vent stacks since it is waterproof, resistant to both low and high temperatures, and resists corrosion from ultraviolet (UV) light.  Mastic sealant usually lasts for about five years, so it should also be checked by your home inspector and replaced by a roofing contractor, when necessary, to ensure that it is most effective in preventing roof leaks and resulting interior damage to attic and ceiling structures.

Cracked Mastic at Phoenix Roofing Inspection

The Importance of a thorough Attic Inspection during by your Home Inspector:

Roof Leaks found during complete attic inspections

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Roof Leak Evidence in Attic at Phoenix Home Inspection

Animal Invasion Evidence found during home inspections  

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Dryer Vents Improperly terminating within the attic

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When a dryer vent ends slightly short of it's roof jack, it allows the moisture from the drying clothes to enter the attic and cause condensation on the roof structure and materials.  Moisture control is very important to the longevity of building materials and the health of the home.  The dryer vent needs to extend to fully exhaust all moisture to the exterior of the home.

Roof Inspection, Broken Condenser Line, Phoenix, Arizona  Attic Inspection, Home Inspector, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona

Broken air conditioning condensation lines and old, rusted out condensation drain pans are a potential cause of roof and ceiling leaks and damage.  Debris in the condensation drain pan (found during attic inspection) could lead to a backup that spills into the attic and causes ceiling damage.

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All portions of the dryer vents inside the walls and attic should be of the smooth, metal type that will not catch lint and therefore plug.  Since, it is also very important to avoid moisture buildup of any kind within a home, all dryer vents must exhaust to the exterior of the home either through a side wall vent or a roof t-top style vent. 

Other potential roofing leak problems:  Broken Tiles         Broken Roof Tile, Phoenix Home Inspection

Blocked Roof Drainage at Phoenix Home Inspection   Blocked Drainage by Bird Dropping at Phoenix Roofing Inspection