HomeGauge One-Year Home Warranty


HomeGauge and Global Home USA FAQ

How can they do it? 

What's the catch? There isn't one. The warranty has to be purchased for it to be valid. If your HomeGauge Home Inspector finds a problem or recommends a serviceman, the buyer or home owner needs to obtain a copy of the repair or service invoice in order for that item or component to be included. This warranty is better and has more coverage because the home has been inspected by a professional HomeGauge Home Inspector. This reduces the amount of claims because the home has been inspected for condition before the warranty is issued. 

As a HomeGauge Home Inspection client, you have the opportunity to choose the warranty that best covers you and your home. 

How much does the warranty cost? The prices are listed below, but be aware of what is covered and what is not when comparing other warranty companies. For instance, some warranty companies start out with a base price and a high deductible, as you add more coverage options the price jumps significantly. Our warranty covers more, has better value and costs less than many of the warranty companies that start out at $350. By the time you equal coverage with our warranty company the price can be much higher than ours and likely theirs still does not include "un-detected pre-existing."

Single Family Residential 

Below 5,000 Square Feet - $595

Between 5,000 and 7,500 Square Feet - $795


See the link below for the Terms of Service coverage. 

Where can I see all the details of what is covered and the fine print?

One Year Warranty Terms and Conditions for a single family home under 5000 square feet.

Which states are not covered?

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Coverage for California is expected soon.