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Your home will be undergoing an inspection conducted to the standards set by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (AZBTR).

It's important that the home is ready for the inspection, and that the Inspector be able to access components and check the operation of various systems. If all systems are not operable and accessible, the buyer may request they be made operational and request a re-inspection of those components. Therefore, it's imperative that all systems be as ready as possible for the inspection.

Following is a list of items that will assist the inspector in making a thorough, safe inspection:

  1. All utilities should be on. If your home has been vacant, arrange with your realtor or a friend to turn on any utilities that are off.  Any utilities that are off will not be turned on by the inspector unless he can determine that there is not a problem with the system in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. An inspection will take a minimum of 2 1/2 hours, therefore providing access to all the components will allow the inspector to complete his work in a shorter time, with less distractions. Unlock all access points or panels you may normally have locked. Examples: gates, utility rooms, access panels, etc…
  3. For any systems fed by Natural Gas or Propane, light the pilot lights. Some examples are…water heaters & fireplaces.
  4. All functioning electrical circuits should have their circuit breakers in the electric panel set to the "on" position.
  5. Lift all blinds up and out of the way, so windows can be examined and opened/shut. Many blinds are very sensitive to operate and have idiosyncrasies all their own.
  6. If the attic access hatch is in a closet, some insulation will fall into the room. Therefore, you may wish to cover clothes with plastic.
  7. The inspector will operate the kitchen appliances. Make sure the range/cooktop is clear and the oven is empty. The dishwasher will be operated through at least a rinse cycle.
  8. Per standards, we will operate: garage doors, heating and cooling systems, doors, windows, kitchen appliances (not washers & dryers), pool equipment, plumbing fixtures, lights, switches, outlets, gfci outlets, afci circuit breakers, ceiling fans, jacuzzi style tubs, operable gas fireplaces (pilot light lit), gates, etc...   If any system you have in your home requires special knowledge or an instruction manual, please have it available to the inspector. If any system or component has a problem or you do not want it operated, please communicate that to the inspector beforehand or leave a clearly visible note attached to the system in question.
  9. If you have pets, please secure them in an enclosure (cage) or make arrangements with a relative or friend to have them for the day.  We go in and out of the home, back yard, garage often and the possibility of your pet escaping is high if not secured.

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